Adult Sunday School is an intergenerational class which meets weekly at 9:30 AM. The format is, discussion that is culturally relevant while staying true to Reformed theology and Presbyterian Policy.

Youth and Children’s Sunday School is open to all ages and meets at 9:30-10:30 AM Sunday mornings and incorporates Bible story telling, hands on activity and drama related teaching. There is an emphasis on laying a foundation of Christian principles and on relating Bible stories to daily living and on the day to day choices that we make. Parents are welcome to attend with their children and a special effort is made to welcome shy and sensitive children. We strive to make Sunday School a time when a family can be drawn together and learn about God and His love for them.

VBS is a summer program that draws our church family as well as the local community into drama, music, games, food and bible story telling adventures.

Craft Group is a long standing small group that meets biweekly to create Prayer Shawls and mission related crafts that support local and global missions.

Presbyterian Women has a long standing history at Buffalo Presbyterian Church. The group meets monthly and includes many forms of prayer, fellowship and service throughout their mission.

Homebound Ministry is a ministry at Buffalo which seeks to reach out to those who physically are no longer able to take part in the daily and weekly activity of church. The ministry includes weekly bulletin, sermon and newsletter mailings, as well as monthly communion and visitation.